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Search Engine Marketing helps your business measure results, manage CPC, and beat competitors.

measure results

Search Engine Marketing allows your business to thrive on Google Search. With Google AdWords, we can measure and track almost any data we prefer and adjust our strategy based from successful results.

manage cost-per-click

The easiest way to reach thousands of people without spending all of your ad budget is Google AdWords. Search Engine Marketing is customization beyond belief. Only spend money when someone clicks your ad. Control who clicks your ad by targeting specific groups down to device or age group.

beat competitors

Search Engine Marketing is the best way to compete with competitors for top spots on Google Search. Because of the speed of Google AdWords, when compared to SEO, you’ll have a major advantage over competitors because your site will already be in search engines.

Our Social Media Management Services

Instagram is one the fastest growing platforms among a young audience. It relies heavily on quality pictures to produce conversation. As a result, this platform stands out among industries like art, food, retail and beauty.

Facebook has the largest user base in social media. This platform is incredible to build relationships and establish loyalty with your existing customer base. Thus, standing out for businesses wanting to build a dedicated following of clients that you need a way to keep in touch with. 

Twitter is a fantastic platform to build brand awareness on. This platform takes hashtag engagement to a whole new level. News outlets often search hashtags on Twitter to see what topics are trending worldwide. Consequently, this is a great place to share content with influencers who might find your brand valuable. 

LinkedIn is most notably known for being utilized by older audiences. It boasts the largest users among ages 30-49. This platform is unique because it has such a narrow focus. Therefore, this niche is best for B-2-B lead generation, general networking as well as recruiting employees. 

Pinterest is a very image-focused content platform like Instagram. It has become a must for consumers who are intersted in DIY, crafts, home improvement, fitness, and more. As a result, this platform will do your business wonders if your industry involves eye catching imagery. 

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Our Search Engine Marketing Process

Study your industry leading competitors

In Google AdWords, it’s important to know what keywords rank your business in Google search. In order to show up before the fold on a page, you have to compete for spots. In order to compete for spots – you have to know what keywords competitors are using and be better at using them.

Determine keywords

Google works in magical ways. When you search something on the interwebs, Google presents to you a query of searches relating to keywords in your search bar. In order to find what you’re searching for, you must specify contextual keywords relating to what you want.

Design and execute ads

After we’ve researched your competitors and found data based keywords that relate to your business. We begin our A/B testing with customized Google Ads. We’ll determine which ads are performing and adjust our campaigns strategically. 

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Results and service

Let us know what kind of website you’d like and specifications by completing our Contact Form. Once this is finished, we will analyze your form and take further steps into our on-boarding experience.

This depends on the complexity of the website you’d like. In some cases we can have a website finished in 30 days and in other cases it may take 45-60 days. This will be reviewed with you before starting your project.

We develop our websites using WordPress. We do this because WordPress gives us the tools to ensure your website is fully functional and responsive on all platforms. WordPress can be used by anyone which means that if you choose not to opt in to our Website Maintenance program, you can manage your own website with ease. 

If your website is active, we will not take it down until your new website is completed. If you do not have a website, we can make you a coming soon home page that will let users know your website is undergoing maintenance if they access your URL. 

Yes, Detailed in our Pricing you will find our website maintenance plans under Web Design. If you have the time to manage your website yourself however, you do not have to purchase a maintenance plan. 

Additional Information

We recommend using Bluehost or GoDaddy for choosing a domain for your business. If you’re unsure how to get a domain, please click here.

We need access to your hosting platform, domain name, logo files and content that you would like to be included in your website. Once this is received, we will start creating your website. 

If you don’t have a logo we can help you get one. We outsource our intricate design work to a company that creates them for us. This is an additional fee however so we do recommend having your own logo. 

To ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your website, we will write the copy of your website and send it to you within a set time-frame. If you have a current website or want to write your own copy of it, we can just use your content that you provide to us too. 

Before we spend the time creating your website, we’ll create a format and color and design pattern bare site. What this means is we’ll create a few pages with filler text to ensure you like the way it looks. After we get your approval, we’ll then start the actual creation of your website in WordPress. 

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