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Social Media Marketing

social media Advertising services help your business Drive Traffic, Build Value, & Generate Leads

Drive Traffic

Which is key to lead generation and sales conversions With social media backed by advanced analytics, we track large audience consumer behavior resulting in actionable insights that lead to high capacity conversions.

Build Value

It’s important for your business to have personality. Social media advertising is the quickest and easiest way you can create an online personality that your customers love and interact with. Above all it will help you boost your engagement on all modern social media platforms leading to more engagement and brand awareness.

Generate Leads

Each new visitor your site gets is a new opportunity for you. The number of visitors to your website becomes the number of opportunities your business has to share its brand, give impression, build relationships and more. Social Media Advertising helps you earn quality leads while maintaining exceptional customer service.

Social Media Marketing Services
Includes Social Media Management

With over 1.1 billion people using Instagram every month, you almost have to use this platform. From Automotive shops to boutiques, there’s an untapped audience to reach if you haven’t already.

Approximately 1 in 4 people use Facebook everyday. Facebook is more than just a social media platform, it’s an economy of people. Companies that advertise on Facebook earn more engagement and more leads.

Engagement is at its peak and potential customers are eager to see your business in their feed. In the Twitter world, content is king and provides a glance of your brand that is effective and impactful.

With over 610 Million professionals that use Linked-In. It is the most underrated social media lead generation platform and should be utilized to capitalize on an untapped market.

With 70 million active users and counting, you can Pin just about anything and get exposure. This marketing services is great for ideal businesses who want to flash new products and generate exposure for their brand. 

Our Data-Driven Marketing Process

Mining the competition

In  order for us to tune into your world and your marketplace, data mining the competition and researching the industry you serve is very important towards establishing goals and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The first 30 days of on-boarding consists of rigorous researching of trends and topics that convert, based on outlined and emphasized strengths pertaining to your business. In this period we outline challenges, brainstorm solutions, and set-forth your approved execution strategy.

Social Media Optimization

Data gathered by a blend of social media analysis tools, your business’s online identity overhauls into an inviting social media butterfly with a network based web that interacts with targeted audience groups that show a statistical significance in our research phase to provide the highest chance of converting content from your page into leads and sales. We remodel your social media profiles and position your brand as a leader in the marketplace.

Curating Content

Content is king and everything that we create is directed into a funnel that increases the chance of us converting social media interaction into monetizable behavior. Driven by researched themes that we analyze week over week through A/B testing, we determine the style and voice that your brand needs to attract followers, gain impressions and optimize performance.

#MASHtag Visibility

Hashtags are powerful. Did you know an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtags? Every post that we create includes something even more powerful than a hashtag – we call them MASHtags. A MASHtag is a hashtag that has been researched to improve visibility. We use a subset of tools that provide insight into hashtag viewership so that we can accompany every post that we create with two MASHtags. While the name of the game in the social media realm is content, MASHtags statistically increase the chances of converting.

Graphic Design Flexibility

You can either tell us what you need designed or we can do it for you. Our full service design team prepares every social media post with high-quality imagery and illustrations but at anytime if you’d like to submit a design request; you can do so in your dedicated client-portal. Our turn-key design service distinguishes your brand from others in your industry with a blend of professionalism and creativity. See our work –>

Timing & Review Approval

Catering to the demands of your audiences personal agendas, we post at statistically proven moments of the day when people have shown to interact on each social media platform. We research and analyze the best time for your post to publish and attract followers but before we allow for any of our posts to go live, we always ask for our client side contacts to approve the content marketing schedule. With access to our proprietary social media content posting software, you’ll be sent a notification to approve the scheduled posts two weeks in advance. Upon approval, your campaign is LIVE! 

All social media marketing packages include the following management and maintenance services at no cost

Join groups

Send friend requests

Post comments

Confirm friend requests & connections

Invite friends to like and share

Respond to comments

Like & Share relevant posts

Page and tab maintenance

Answer messages

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Results and service

The great thing about Social Media Advertising is you can start anytime. Contact us and we can set an online meeting to discuss your Social Media Strategy.

Let’s face it, the world has gone social. If you want your brand in front of people, social media is the way to do it. Whether you’re interested in growing brand awareness or increasing sales or both, we can help!

Yes, we do not restrict access to your accounts.

Anywhere! Whether you’re in a medical field or you’re an entrepreneur in any industry, there’s a platform that’s just right for you. 

Social Media Advertising is the marathon. Usually results depend on the industry your business sits in and the products or services your business offers. It takes a person several times of seeing/reading/hearing an ad before they respond with action. 

Because of this we can not give you a set time frame for results to post. There are many factors like price, product quality, website, and market that affect results in different ways.

If you have social media accounts already we would need access to them. If you do not have accounts, we will create them for you during our on-boarding stage.

Setup fees and Contract

Social Media Advertising starts at $999.99/mo depending on the tier of support you would want. You can find more details here

We require a one-time on-boarding fee. This fee covers the time and effort spent within the first 30 days of on-boarding a new client. This includes: competitive research, establishing goals, administrative tasks and creating your personal MASHfolio client-portal where you can view assets and submit requests.

We offer our Social Media services on a month-to-month basis but recommend a minimum of six months commitment to establish effective trends and analysis. For that, we offer 10% off our social media marketing packages.