Our Website Design services help your business build an attractive website, deliver responsiveness and provide data-driven statistics

Building an Attractive Website

We create websites that look great, linked to analytical beacons that track end user behavior, allowing us to develop strategies that convert website visitors to customers. An attractive UI/UX is critical toward decreasing bounce rate and keeping users engaged.

Delivering a responsive design

A large portion of your customers will be accessing your website from their mobile devices. In fact, mobile traffic is up over 200% in the last 5 years. You can be sure that our elegantly designed websites scale to any mobile device on any mobile platform.

Provide Data-driven Analytics

Along with your newly created and optimized website, we provide you analytical tools to measure accountability on a large scale. Our services give you access to world-class leading reports and as result, you’ll be able to distinguish anything and everything about who is interacting with your brand, where they come from, and other valuable purchasing behavior statistics. 

Our Website Design Process

Learning style and preferences

Understanding your needs and what the market demands out of a high-complexity website that converts leads into sales is where we start. We take initiative and study marketplace competitors and industry insights as the foundation of your brick and mortar digital footprint. Accompanied by a thorough website questionnaire upon on-boarding, we work in close detail with our clients to establish their digital framework. 

Hosting & development

We provide hosting services to each of our clients. We then develop your website using WordPress linking to the latest techniques, trends and tools available for ease-of-use so that you can manage your content, should you choose. See our FAQ for why we choose WordPress.

Your vision is our mission

Over the course in roughly 30 days, our development team stays in close connection with the client-side contact for ultimate transparency and guidance. Before long, we deliver a fully functional prototype of the initially designed framework for client-side approval and feedback. Upon obtaining client feedback, our team revises, edits, and resubmits for approval until we’ve captured your vision.

Launching your Website

Pending approval, we’ll spend another 10-15 days revising and making sure your website is fully responsive in all browsers and mobile devices including headings, gradients, media, and analytical beacons. After this process is complete, we’ll publicize your website under the domain that your business is addressed.

Maintenance, Backup & Security

A website yielding high-traffic must be maintained, backed-up and secured daily. Without these functions, you run the risk of server malfunctions, loss of content, and breach of proprietary company data. Each of our custom built websites include a pre-designed maintenance backup and security framework eligible as a monthly add-on.

Every Website We Create

Includes Everything you need to succeed


MASHfolio starts every project with a deep dive into your industry by researching your companies position, and more importantly, your competitors. We develop your website framework based on your customers and competition to increase leads, sales, and customers. 


After our research phase, we work closely with our clients to capture the content framework that speaks loudest to your customers. Together we determine the most effective outline, verbiage, imagry, design, and overall direction. 


Helping your customers understand why they should buy from you and the advantages you have over the competition is important. Upon developing the overall content framework, our copy team drives traffic to your site with relevant content. 


  • Responsive for all screen sizes
  • Instant platform adaption for ease of use
  • Supports all devices and orientations
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Contact forms included
  • Graphic design & Stock photography included
  • Social Media Integration
  • Unlimited Revisions


All Mashfolio websites include:

  • SSL Certificate
  • 2 Factor Authentication (2fa)
  • Automatic cloud hosted site backup
  • HIPPA Compliant Servers available upon necessity


  • We host on our servers or move the site to your hosting
  • Quality assurance testing and reveiw
  • Consistant updates and security
  • Consistant SEO testing and adjustments
  • Promotion updates and banner resets
  • No limit on user-added accounts and pages
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Once the website obtains final approval by you and our quality controls have been met, we then launch your site and perform a final site check. At this point, your website is ready to share and help grow your business. Our expert support does not stop here, we walk with you along the way to ensure your businesses digital identity holds the look and reputation that you envision.

We work with budgets of all sizes (Average project just $1,499)

Like what you see? Get in touch

- FAQ -

Results and service

Let us know what kind of website you’d like and specifications by completing our Contact Form. Once this is finished, we will analyze your form and take further steps into our on-boarding experience.

This depends on the complexity of the website you’d like. In some cases we can have a website finished in 30 days and in other cases it may take 45-60 days. This will be reviewed with you before starting your project.

WordPress gives us the tools to ensure each website is fully functional and responsive on all platforms. WordPress is open-source and can be used by anyone which means that if you choose to opt out of our Website Maintenance program, you can manage your own website with ease. 

If your current website is active, we will not take it down until your new website is completed. If you do not have a website, we can make you a coming soon home page that will let users know that your website is undergoing maintenance if they access your URL. 

Yes, Detailed in our Pricing you will find our website maintenance plans under Web Design. 

Additional Information

We make obtaining a domain very accessible. If you’re interested in a new domain or have questions about transferring your current domain to us, fill out our contact form.

We need access to your hosting platform, domain name, logo files and content that you would like to be included in your website. Once this is received, we will start developing your website.

If you don’t have a logo, we can make one for you. Our full service design team specializes in company branding including logos, letterhead, business cards, and other company branded collateral.

To ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your website, we will write the copy and send it to you within an established timeframe for approval. If you have a current website or want to write your own copy, we can use the content that you provide to us.

We work in very close connection with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction during the web-development process. Throughout this phase, we submit multiple editions and revisions based off of client feedback, industry insights, and suggestions until MASHfolio standards are met, and client satisfaction is guaranteed.