Search Engine Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Marketing helps your business measure results, manage CPC, and beat competitors.

measure results

Search Engine Marketing allows your business to thrive on Google Search. With Google AdWords, we can measure and track almost any data we prefer and adjust our strategy based from successful results.

manage cost-per-click

The easiest way to reach thousands of people without spending all of your ad budget is Google AdWords. Search Engine Marketing is customization beyond belief. Only spend money when someone clicks your ad. Control who clicks your ad by targeting specific groups down to device or age group.

beat competitors

Search Engine Marketing is the best way to compete with competitors for top spots on Google Search. Because of the speed of Google AdWords, when compared to SEO, you’ll have a major advantage over competitors because your site will already be in search engines.

Our Search Engine Marketing Process

Study your industry leading competitors

In Google AdWords, it’s important to know what keywords rank your business in Google search. In order to show up before the fold on a page, you have to compete for spots. In order to compete for spots – you have to know what keywords competitors are using and be better at using them.

Determine keywords

Google works in magical ways. When you search something on the interwebs, Google presents to you a query of searches relating to keywords in your search bar. In order to find what you’re searching for, you must specify contextual keywords relating to what you want.

Design and execute ads

After we’ve researched your competitors and found data based keywords that relate to your business. We begin our A/B testing with customized Google Ads. We’ll determine which ads are performing and adjust our campaigns strategically. 

Our Search Engine Optimization Process


This phase is purely knowledge based. We’ll uncover the needs of your current website/social media accounts to see how they’re ranking on the charts. Then, determine specific data-driven objectives to reach for analytical purposes. Once the objectives are determined, we’ll launch our keyword research that will rank your business on search engines.


As we dive into keyword research, we uncover the best techniques for SEO suited to your website, industry, and competition. This includes web page optimization, online submissions, link building and general social and web optimization to make sure your business has a dominant presence on the web.

Tracking & Adjustment

SEO is an ongoing manual process. We’re always tracking the objectives & making sure that not only what we’re doing is increasing your rank in SEO charts but is also leading to local & online sales & visibility.

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Results and service

Let us know what kind of website you’d like and specifications by completing our Contact Form. Once this is finished, we will analyze your form and take further steps into our on-boarding experience.

Normally, we see the first spike within 3-7 days for Adwords. SEO is a longer process and usually we’ll see results after 3-4 months.

It’s important to know how SEO really works to understand why it can take so long to yield search engine results. Dyno does a great job at explaining this. SEO has many factors that determine where your business ranks on search engines like keywords, domain, content, and location.

Additional Information

We recommend visiting our pricing page. You’ll see that there are different options for different sized businesses. 

With SEO and AdWords, we do not have contracts. However, if you want to see results, generally you’ll want to allot 3-4 months of service fees.

SEO and Adwords allow your business to rank higher on search engines. This means that when someone searches a term that relates to your business on the internet, your business shows up first and attracts the most attention. According to this Search Engine Watch, 53% of organic searches click the first link.