Social Media Management

Generate Brand Awareness Manage online Community Grow Affordably

Our social media management services help your business Generate brand awareness, manage your online community and grow affordably.

Generate Brand Awareness

Perhaps the most powerful force that drives your entire brand’s narrative is brand awareness. In reality, brand recognition doesn’t exist unless you have this. Our dedicated Social Media Management strategy helps your business earn a digital footprint.

Manage your online community

Part of Social Media Management is actively checking on accounts and responding to potential leads. Doing this not only gives your business voice, but it allows your business to demonstrate extraordinary customer service and reach.

Grow Affordably

Social Media Management is the most cost effective way to reach large audience groups. Businesses get the best bang for their buck using our Social Media Advertising Services. When our Strategy Solutions Team develops your Social Media Strategy, we go the extra mile to make sure your ad dollars generate quality leads with a positive conversion. 

Our Social Media Management Services

Instagram is one the fastest growing platforms among a young audience. It relies heavily on quality pictures to produce conversation. As a result, this platform stands out among industries like art, food, retail and beauty.

Facebook has the largest user base in social media. This platform is incredible to build relationships and establish loyalty with your existing customer base. Thus, standing out for businesses wanting to build a dedicated following of clients that you need a way to keep in touch with. 

Twitter is a fantastic platform to build brand awareness on. This platform takes hashtag engagement to a whole new level. News outlets often search hashtags on Twitter to see what topics are trending worldwide. Consequently, this is a great place to share content with influencers who might find your brand valuable. 

LinkedIn is most notably known for being utilized by older audiences. It boasts the largest users among ages 30-49. This platform is unique because it has such a narrow focus. Therefore, this niche is best for B-2-B lead generation, general networking as well as recruiting employees. 

Pinterest is a very image-focused content platform like Instagram. It has become a must for consumers who are intersted in DIY, crafts, home improvement, fitness, and more. As a result, this platform will do your business wonders if your industry involves eye catching imagery. 

Think we have what it takes?

Your Dedicated social Management Strategy

Setting a clear goal

Why do you need a Social Media Management company? Do you want more followers? Do you want to attract people into your store or website? To clarify, asbolute goals help us determine how we can grow your business using Social Media Management services. In return, you’ll receive a customized strategy tailored to your business.

Establish Monthly Content Calendars

To ensure we’re making a positive impact, we prepare our content weeks in advance. Therefore, allowing us to give you the chance to approve content before it’s published to your selected platforms. Doing so helps your business maintain a steady posting schedule. As a result, it will boost your rankings in SEO optimization charts.

Data Reporting and Analytics

Data driven standards is what sets us apart from other Social Media Management companies. Above all, our company thrives on data driven results. We can publish bi-weekly or monthly reports of how your Social Media posts and ads are performing. 

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Results and service

The great thing about Social Media Management is you can start anytime. Contact us and we can set an online meeting to discuss your Social Media Strategy.

Let’s face it: the world has gone social. If you want your brand in front of people, social media is the way to do it. Whether you’re interested in growing brand awareness or increasing sales or both, we can help!

This varies on many different variables but usually clients that advertise on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram see a growth of about 100 followers a month. 

Social Media Advertising is the marathon. Usually results depend on the industry your business sits in and the products or services your business offers. It takes a person several times of seeing/reading/hearing an ad before they respond with action. 

Because of this we can not give you a set time frame for results to post. There are many factors like price, product quality, website, and market that affect results in different ways.

Yes, we do not restrict access to your accounts since we use an automated tool to engage with users and post content.

Yes, we monitor each of your pages for comments, messages, and reviews and we will reply to these messages for you as long as we know the answer. If we do not know the answer, the question will be forwarded to you for a response.

If you have your own content, we’d love to include it in our posts for you. If you do not have your own content, we can use stock photos that are relevant to your industry in our posts. We also have the ability to create custom content for you. Learn more here.

Setup fees and Contract

Social Media Management services go hand and hand with Social Media Advertising services. Because of this we offer bundled rates that you can find more details about here

We require a one-time on-boarding fee. This fee covers the time and effort spent to on-board a new client. This includes: setting you up in our analytical systems, administrative tasks and creating your personal MashFolio account to view our progress at anytime. 

One of the amazing facts about MASHfolio is that we don’t have contracts. We offer our Social Media services on a month-to-month basis. No commitment means less retention.