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Why Should You Use Facebook Marketing?

Since it’s inception, Instagram has proven to be an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses. If you haven’t jumped on the Instagram bandwagon you may be doing your business a huge disservice. 

According to Instagram, there are currently 800 million active users on their platform. Of those, 500 million are browsing through their feeds every day. Companies thrive to reach massive audiences and with Instagram Marketing you can do that. There is no limit to the the success a business can reach with a dedicated Instagram strategy. 

For most businesses, success does not come overnight. To effectively encapsulate the success that Instagram Marketing can bring you, it’s important that your business maintains a steady and reliable routine. Posting once a day can allow your business to keep an active presence on the ‘Gram’ and stay reaching thousands of people. This is how strong brands like Nike and Tommy John operate and they have effectively captured large audiences by doing so. 

Instagram has plenty of features built into their platform to help your business thrive. An example is stores and live posts. These key features that Instagram built can help your business become more approachable and show character. Stories and live posts can help your business build rapport, trust and credibility with followers. Hashtags are one of Instagram’s iconic features. Effectively using hashtags are your posts can help you stand out from the crowd.