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$ 399
99 /mo
  • 25 keywords
  • Competitor research
  • 2 ad campaigns/mo
  • split a/b testing
  • Landing Page Implementation
  • detailed reporting & Monthly Meeting


$ 599
99 /mo
  • 50 keywords
  • competitor research
  • 4 ad campaigns/mo
  • split a/b testing
  • landing page implementation
  • detailed reporting & monthly meeting

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What's inside Search Engine Marketing

Keyword Research

We’ll use keyword planning software to find best matching keywords that link to your business or industry. Then, adjust the keywords so that your business can be found in any search scenario. 

Competitor Research

Google Ads has lots of competition. For your business to show when a specific keyword is included in your search query – you must bid on the keyword. To know which keywords your business must compete with, we perform competitor research. Competitor research tells us what keywords competitors are bidding on, how much they are spending and a sample of what their Google Ads look like. This information allows us to help your business compete in search listings on a grand scale.

Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns have a specific goal. Whether that’s generating leads or asking people to go into a location for a promotional deal – most can agree that Ad campaigns are very important if you want to attract attention to your brand. With Ad campaigns by MASHfolio, we help determine business goals and achieve and exceed those goals with strategic campaigns.

A/B Testing

Following Ad campaigns, it is very important to understand how your Ads are performing statistically. We utilize split-testing to ensure Ads are at its peak. By comparing two Ads together that have the same objective but look completely different, we’re able to understand how your target audience interprets data and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

Landing Page Design

Ads need to link somewhere right? Well most would think that you can link to your websites homepage and be just fine – well, kind of. You see Landing pages are specifically for converting visitors into customers. They have a simple design, powerful headline, clear copy, and a straightforward call to action. It’s imperative your business pairs Google Ads with a converting landing page. Find more details here.

Reporting & Monthly Meetings

Each month we will provide you with a detailed report of what was done as well as an overview of our strategy for the next month. We also schedule a call with you to discuss the detailed report and gain feedback.

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Common Questions

When can i see results?

Ad Words services almost see immediate results. After we assess your business and learn the founding keywords – your Ads will be up and running in no time.

Is pricing negotiable?

Our pricing is a starting point for most businesses. When we initially understand your wants, we may adjust our strategy and pricing to best fit your businesses needs.

What is google ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising solution that businesses can use to promote thir products or services using Google Search, Youtube, and other sites.

What is Ad Spend and why do i need it?

Ad spend is budgeted money that you use to show your ad ahead of other companies. This is associated with Cost-Per-Click spending. You only spend this money when someone clicks on your Ad.

How much Ad Spend money do i need?

This is entirely up to how many people you want to attract. The more the merrier here. Average monthly Ad Spend for small to medium size companies is $300-$500/mo.

How can i get started with Google Ads?

All you have to do to is click here and fill out our contact form. We’ll take care of the rest.