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MASHfolio Strategic Marketing

What is the best strategic marketing company in Kentucky? If this is the question in your mind, then you have come to the right place because we have the answer. MASHfolio Strategic Marketing enjoys a high rating and good reviews as the best there is in Kentucky. This is because of our in-depth engagement with local businesses as well as our quality services to them. Here’s why we’re the best:


Advanced data analytics and KPI reporting

One of the main components that businesses overlook is the lack of data analytics to help keep track of the performance of certain products in the market and the business as a whole. They invest in marketing without knowing what works, and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they should be tracking to achieve positive ROI. This can create huge losses towards a business’s bottom line.  At MASHfolio we use highly advanced measurements and systems to analyze how your business is fairing in the market and provide feedback on the same with advice on what you should do next. We are meticulous in a good way! After all, you can see for yourself the performance and quality we withhold through the websites we create. We establish important and measurable KPIs that are tracked by our analytics to keep tab of your products’ performance in the market and among the competitors. This helps determine your next course of action from a marketing and management perspective.


100 % satisfaction guarantee

We solely shoulder your marketing and branding where we guarantee a 100 % satisfaction. To achieve this, we conduct testing and review through quality control of your website, often testing for SEO and public awareness inhibitors. We offer promotional updates where we will reset your banners as well as ensure your audience experience is smooth and fast by hosting on our own dedicated lite speed servers. Also, we ensure that your website is very secure and free from hacking by protecting it with 2 Factor Authentication, SSL certificates and our cloud hosting that includes automatic nightly backup and malware protection. What I am saying is that we are right at the center of your business as your strategic marketing partner. We understand marketing, purchasing behavior, and security.


Friendly and responsive design

We create specialized and custom designs that reflect your unique products and services. We also make designs that are friendly with the use of mobile phones such that someone can visit your website and all graphics will be mobile responsive to fit any size screen. We also pay attention to features that make websites relatable to customers and portray them through graphic design as most users would rather view a compelling and impactful image than read about it (Readers are lazy! Instagram is popular for a reason!). This ensures that no one is left out from accessing your website either through their computers, tablets, or mobile phones. It also keeps a potential customer engaged such that they want to surf through all of your content due to the fact that in-between the lines, there is aesthetically pleasing graphics to keep the end-user engaged and scrolling. Graphic design is the epitome of marketing and catching the eye of all audiences.


Highly optimized content

Search Engine Services, SES, consists of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). When someone googles for results, your business will be among the top of the list. We ensure your website is highly optimized such that your products or services are among the top of the list in the search engine rankings organically, while also ensuring that your advertisement through search engine marketing is effective and cost efficient. Search engine services through highly customized and optimized content is the first step in beating high competition in the marketplace. You can rest assured that this will translate to more sales for your business stemming from enhanced public relations and outreach.


Increased brand awareness through social media

Social media is one of the most reliable marketing tools since almost everyone is on at least one of the platforms. Therefore, this means that a business that does not utilize this channel is missing big. At MASHfolio, we make your website customized in a way that it is linked to your brand’s social media where we launch brand awareness campaigns and drive engagement through organic content posting. This helps reach a greater target of potential buyers through increased impressions, views, clicks, likes and shares. If done correctly, social media marketing will translate to increased sales. What’s your call to action? Where is your social media traffic going?


Dynamic and diverse consulting

After thoroughly analyzing the performance of your business in the highly competitive market, we go ahead in advising you what to change, what to drop, and what to add to achieve better outcomes. We also advise on the measures to take as far as digital marketing is concerned, keeping up with the changes in technology. All these are geared to helping your business remain on top of search engine results. This will lead to increased traffic and activity on the website and later translate to more sales month over month. 


50% off web development services

Giving back to the community is a responsibility for every business. We take our community social responsibility to a whole different level. As our way of giving back, we give a 50% off discount for web development services to businesses located in Kentucky. This has facilitated the growth, awareness, and sustainability of many local business’s, both startups and established.You most probably have been in a situation where you went to seek services from a certain company and were frustrated by the hidden fees that were not part of the upfront costs? We pride ourselves in total transparency since we do not have any hidden fees. The charges we agree upon are what we work with, all the way to the end. There is no better way of saying thank you for your continued partnership with us than honesty, transparency, and integrity. Together with our wide variety of quality services, they are reason enough for you to make us your ‘near me’ customer in the state of Kentucky. We add value to businesses the right way – through data and direction, leading to faster, more abundant outcomes.  


Unlimited graphics

Unlike many other agencies that have a limitation on the number of graphic designs, at MASHfolio We develop a website for you with an unlimited number of graphic designs that help you display your specialized products and services to the world. We also do not impose limits on the number of user-added accounts and pages you would want to have on your website. This gives you an advantage over your competitors since you can articulately tell your customers about your products and services in detail without having to stress package limitations. We get the job done right and offer compelling graphic design through all services that we offer, even a la carte (should you be interested in just one graphic only).


Final thoughts

MASHfolio prides itself on being the only strategic marketing company that focuses on local businesses in Kentucky. In addition to our quality services, we have earned a place in the hearts of many since we are right at the center stage of your business marketing solutions – serving as an extension of your management team. We also enjoy a high rating and good reviews from several clients that have worked with us. Our clients are pleased with the outcomes that MASHfolio Strategic Marketing produces, we invite you to join us in providing quality content, structure, and design to your customers from the respect of the business that you have envisioned. Your vision is our mission and we will do what it takes to win with you, for you.  


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